Polo is changing

Lineup is here to bring polo into the future.

Sport, as it should be.

What's on?

(we can do this for your club's website too!)

An innovative platform to efficiently organise polo.

Automate scheduling, keep track of your members and take payments.

For the players

All match information, all in one place. Filter to view your matches or all matches at your club(s).

You can enter teams, view live results and check out who is on the naughty step with yellow cards!

For the managers

Lineup collates players availability and then managers utilise an algorithm to schedule
tournament draws instantly.

Players are notified of any updates or changes and managers can easily score games, or appoint someone to do it for them!

For the spectators

Lineup displays all local matches and exact locations so you can find the right pitch!

If you can't get there in person, you can view live scores on the app. You can also see tournament progression and player and club profiles.

How does Lineup work?

1. Team captains enter team
2. Players load availability into the Lineup calendar
3. Lineup proposes leagues and matches for club managers to approve
4. The draw is published, players are notified and managers can record goals during a match

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