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About us

Lineup Polo was built to revolutionise the way that the sport is managed and attended. We strongly believe in our mission of supporting the polo community and bringing polo to the masses.

By digitising processes and centralising communication channels, Lineup Polo improves the polo experience for everyone involved.

Alice and Rosanna have played all their lives and now play at an international level, so they are committed to the future of the sport.

The plan of action

Lineup Polo is a free app and a web portal for clubs to manage tournaments. We aim to create a new ecosystem, encompassing everything from automating team leagues to payments and memberships.

Our goal is to become the 'go-to' platform for anything related to polo.

"We strongly believe in our mission of supporting the polo community and bringing polo to the masses."
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The idea has been in the pipeline for a while….

Alice had the idea at 16 when she created a basic version in Java for her computer science project. It later progressed with more in-depth research and a website for her dissertation in Computer Science and Business at Warwick University.

Two years later, she became friends with Rosanna (instead of Pony Club Polo enemies) and asked her to turn her dream into a reality. Rosanna printed her 97 page dissertation and the rest is history!

Rosanna’s Graphic Design degree, professional sporting career and broadcasting experience means that the pair have a great combination of skills.

The main vision and intention for the platform has barely changed since 2013 (but with a much better name).

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