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Polo FAQs

How can I watch polo?

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Generally polo is free to watch, only some of the bigger events are ticketed.

How long does a match last?

Typically an hour, consisting of four 15 minute chukkas (periods of play). Players change horses between chukkas.

What should I wear?

For prestigious finals e.g. Queens Cup, Gold Cup, there is nothing too smart! For general polo matches, people dress very casually i.e. jeans.

I've heard of ‘divot stomping' - what?

Spectators are invited on to the field at half time to stomp the divots created by the horses. This gives the best playing surface possible and is a good chance to catch up with your friends!

a group of polo players on horseback
People enjoying polo
Two riders playing polo
Polo player preparing horses

How does a team win?

Each time a player scores a goal (hits the ball between the posts), they get one point. The team with the most goals wins!

Any major rules I need to know?

After each goal, the teams 'line up' in the centre and swap ends to keep it fair.

Is polo played all year round?

Polo is played on grass in the summer and in a sand arena during the winter.

How many people are on each team?

During summer polo, there are 4 people on each team. In the arena, it is 3 against 3.

How can I play?

Lots of clubs offer lessons with no experience required! Use our handy tool above to contact your closest club.